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Camp Management
ISO Certified Business
Oil Rig Catering and Hospitality Experts


Camp maintenance.
Supply Management.
Fire Safety.
Air Conditioning.
Electrical Repairs.
Waste Management.

Being in an extreme, remote or hostile environment means it’s usually pretty difficult to pop out for a sandwich or order in a pizza. In fact it’s almost certain that your diet is totally in the hands of the camp solutions provider.Outsourcing your food service is a decision not to take lightly. They say an army marches on it’s stomach, well so do most organisations.

To ensure that we are doing our utmost to give you the best in food delivery services we apply standards that are pre-determined for each area of service.The performance of our units is measured by the following:

Best practice and communication
Customer and client surveys
Defined policies and procedures
Hygiene audits
On-the-job training programmes
Qualified and well trained staff
Supplier partnerships and quality products

Experience in delivering all essential services under extreme conditions.

Coordinating all aspects of the day to day operation.

Managing subcontractors either on site permanently or periodically

Latest Camp Management techniques to keep a track of people and resources in all of our camps.

A site that is not clean can leave a very bad impression on both residents and visitors, so we make sure that whenever we are contracted to provide cleaning services, all of our staff work to the very highest standards and follow a strict plan of cleaning protocols.

The technical expertise involved in keeping work and living spaces clean and hygienic should not be underestimated and we are constantly looking to new products, materials and work methodologies to improve the speed and quality of our service.

Our cleaning teams are tasked to not only keep environments pristine, but also to identify any issues that arise pertaining to the maintenance of the building such as cracked tiles, missing or blown light bulbs, leaky pipes and taps.

Once issues are identified they will make sure the proper personnel or department are informed and even repeat the procedure if required.

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